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Viresolve Pro and Pro+ Solutions
Robust. Productive. Next Generation. Viresolve Pro and Pro+ Solutions

Viresolve Pro and Pro+ Solutions bring you the latest technology for your virus filtration challenges.

High productivity virus filtration unit operation

  • High mass capacity
  • Optional capacity enhancement with use of adsorptive polishing step
  • Less than 4 hour processing at scale
  • Disposable flow path at all scales requiring no cleaning validation
  • Caustic stable
  • Easy to install, use and integrity test

Robust parvovirus clearance

  • ≥ 4 log removal of parvovirus

Superior quality assurance of each device

  • 100% tested with air/water diffusion and Millipore patented Binary Gas Test
Viresolve Pro Solution

Viresolve Pro Solution
Based on a new patent-pending membrane, Viresolve Pro devices provide robust parvovirus clearance represents a major leap forward in viral clearance technology. Learn more »

  Viresolve Pro+ Solution

Viresolve Pro+ Solution
Building on the high LRV, capacity and flux you receive from the Viresolve Pro device, the Viresolve Pro+ Solution combines a shield and device for enhanced capacity and robust parvovirus clearance. Learn more »