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Millipore Technical Publications

Immunoassay & Multiplex Kits: Analyte Quarterly, Volume 1, 2014

The #1 Best Seller for Multiplexing using Luminex® technology

Lit No:PF1089EN00

The Best, Most Relevant Biomarkers: Multiplex Assays, ELISAs and RIAs

As your research uncovers the significant role of more and more biomarkers in both normal and disease states, you need a reliable partner for quality assays and consistent performance. We not only offer you the largest portfolio of biomarker assays—including ELISAs, RIAs and MILLIPLEX® MAP (multi-analyte panels) multiplex assays—but our kits and reagents also provide you with consistent, high-quality tools so that you can do your best work while saving time, labor and cost.

To order, visit www.millipore.com/bmia.

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