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Drug Discovery & Development

Speed your time to discovery by leveraging our target profiling services, multiplex and traditional immunoassays, and clinical lab contract services that help you prioritize potential drug candidates, screen many biomarkers simultaneously, and conduct research and clinical studies. Our offerings encompass: drug discovery, target profiling and multiplexing.

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Unique Millipore Cells Enable New Insights into GPCR Activity

April 7, 2010: The new cells allow drug developers to expand their testing of popular G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). Currently, 40% of all marketed drugs are targeted to GPCRs, indicating their therapeutic importance. However, because of the limitations of traditional fluorescent GPCR assays, many potentially efficacious compounds have never been tested as GPCR agonists or antagonists.

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MILLIPLEX MAP Cell Signaling multiplex kits, MAPmate and PathwaysProfiler probe the secrets of signal transduction pathways. No matter which you choose, you will receive the advantage of speed combined with sensitivity.
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Safety and Disease Panels

Two safety panels and eleven disease-focused panels. Choose the flexible screening plan that meets your needs. Millipore is the premier provider of functional cell-based assays for GPCR screening and profiling.
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