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Antibodies & Assays

EMD Millipore offers an extensive, focused portfolio of antibodies and immunoassays. With the expertise of Upstate® and Chemicon®, EMD Millipore provides validated antibodies with breadth and depth in major research areas: Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Cell Signaling, Cancer, Cell Structure, backed by excellent service and support.
Discover our Epigenetics Antibodies and Assays

Epigenetics Antibodies & Assays

Monitor epigenetics changes such as Histone modification, DNA methylation or chromatin & nucleosome remodeling
Explore our Neuroscience Antibodies and Assays

Neuroscience Antibodies & Assays

Explore the development, differentiation & degeneration stages with antibodies & assays for multiple cell, tissue and organ types
Discover our Cell Signaling Antibodies and Assays

Cell Signaling Antibodies & Assays

Decipher the complexity of extracellular, cytoplasmic or nuclear signals with antibodies, immunoassays & single cell analysis
Explore our Cancer Antibodies and Assays

Cancer Antibodies & Assays

Investigate the relationships between cancer, apoptosis, autophagy, angiogenesis, metastasis and cell invasion
Discover our Cell Structure Antibodies and Assays

Cell Structure Antibodies & Assays

Link the structural features to mechanistic functions of a cell leveraging unique cell adhesion, cytoskeleton & ECM assays

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